About Us

As one of the UK’s premier providers of plastic cards and a first choice end to end supplier of print and direct mail services, we offer a powerful partnership to organisations who value their own client relationships and seek a quality service at the right price.

As a PSC Systems partner you will receive a bespoke solution based on:

  • Personal contact and face to face meetings
  • Price competitiveness
  • Leading edge technology
  • Total compliance with relevant industry standards
  • Advanced levels of efficiency
  • Speed and flexibility
  • Security and confidentiality

How we differ from our competitors

  • All of our staff have a wealth of hands on print industry experience. They focus on using their knowledge and expertise to assist you with your procurement and supply chain process.
  • We are results orientated and work hand in hand with your staff. We provide the know how that delivers substantial cost savings.
  • We are totally pragmatic and guarantee to deliver financial improvements for your business.


All through the recession we have seen a significant growth of public and private sector outsourcing.
Outsourcing allows you to concentrate on what you do best, save money, be more flexible and manage growth effectively. It also allows your business to gain access to outside expertise and technologies.
If managed successfully, outsourcing can help your business reduce its costs and make effective use of the knowledge and technical resources of another organisation.

PSC Systems
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