Outsource Rent Statement Mailings Successfully

PSC Systems Managed Rent Statement Mailing
The secret to successfully outsourcing Rent Statement Mailings

Outsourcing Your Rent Statement Mailings

Ensuring that your Rent Statements are being posted in the most economical way is always a challenge at this time of year.  Some organisations find it very difficult to produce them in-house, as most statement mailings require a lot of internal staffing resources, and these essential skills are often needed elsewhere.

Many of our clients find that out-sourcing this service is extremely beneficial. Providing that effective planning and a reasonable lead-time is implemented, outsourcing a rent statement mailing will save you money and free up your own critical internal resources.


Overcoming The Fear of Outsourcing

Data transfer and security are often a concern when working with outsource partners, however, this process is actually far more straight forward than often anticipated. All data preparation is handled by an in-house team of experts who are trained to enhance this experience.  This often enables us to speed up the workflow by adapting client data files to suit the most efficient production methods.

This could be simply adapting the data to fit onto a different sheet size to optimise production capacity or more complex manipulation of the data to encourage maximum postal discount.

To aid the simple flow of production, we advise ordering stock based on a yearly contract – this will not only save you money but will save you time during the rest of the year concentrating on your own work.

If these simple principles are implemented, all mailings will be turned around a lot more efficiently and posted out in good time.


Working with Trusted Partners

The Golden Rule of outsourcing is simply to work with partners that understand your requirements and the goals that need to be achieved with each project.

PSC Systems specialise in the project management, production and delivery of mailings for Local Authorities & Housing Associations throughout the UK. Our team are dedicated to delivering a swift and hassle-free outsourced mailing service, having worked on such projects for over 2 decades.


If you have a mailing or print requirement, and need the support of a specialist team that understand the needs for projects being delivered efficiently and to the very highest quality, please feel free to get in touch by calling 0151 346 1640, or emailing us: mail@pscsystems.co.uk