Plastic Loyalty Card Manufacturers

PSC Systems manufacturer a range of stunning plastic loyalty cards for  retailers, banks, the hotel trade and more. Some of our current clients include ‘household’ names such as The Film Club, Costa Coffee and Bank of America.

Plastic loyalty cards we design and manufacture are made to represent your core brand values. This helps you drive sales, increase profit and improve customer satisfaction. If you wish to discover how we are able to help you achieve these objectives, contact us today on 0151 346 1640.

Why invest in plastic loyalty cards?

If you are new to loyalty schemes, you may not truly understand the unique value these schemes may bring to your business. Broadly speaking, loyalty schemes backed up with stunning loyalty cards allow you to increase lifetime customer value (LCV), improve profits and reward customers who remain loyal to your brand.

Thus, loyalty schemes are a ‘win-win’ for both you and your customers.

With a well-thought-out customer loyalty scheme, you may improve customer retention whilst also increasing sales. Increased sales usually equates to more profit in your pocket when all is said and done.

If you would like to improve profit, satisfy your customers and ultimately increase the value of your business, contact PSC Systems today on 0151 346 1640.

Types of loyalty card

There exist many different varieties of loyalty cards. The specific card you select must reflect your core marketing objectives. When you choose PSC Systems, our advisors will fully explain the virtues of each card type. This will ensure your loyalty scheme is optimised for both added profit and customer satisfaction.

Below we list some of the card types we may offer you and your business:

  • Bar-coded loyalty cards
  • Contactless loyalty cards
  • HID loyalty cards
  • Memory loyalty cards
  • Credit loyalty cards
  • Magnetic stripe loyalty cards

All of the above cards are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. The exact material and shape of cards we use shall reflect your marketing objectives, brand values and technical requirements.

Additional services

PCS Systems offers a multidisciplinary approach to plastic loyalty card manufacturing. The manufacturing of your plastic loyalty card is only one small part of the overall service we offer in this area.

Our team also offers the following services: marketing consultancy, card design, fulfillment, card wrapping & postal package design card administration and customer relationship management.

Obtain a quote today

For a free quote, contact our advisors today on 0151 346 1640. Alternatively, contact us through this website. We look forward to your call. We guarantee you and your business will vastly benefit from our services in terms of added revenue, additional brand exposure and improved customer satisfaction.