Plastic Smart Cards

PSC Systems designs and manufactures plastic smart cards for a range of businesses, charities and public bodies across the United Kingdom. The plastic smart cards we provide are highly robust and versatile. The cards are produced to strict ISO standards. This ensures you receive cards that are strong, long lasting and produced to a standard size.

All of the plastic smart cards we produce fit snuggly into your wallet or purse. Since all of our smart cards are glass-free, you are assured of their flexibility and durable qualities.

Types of smart cards

PSC Systems designs and manufactures three types of plastic smart cards. These include contactless cards (RFID), contact cards and miroprocessor cards. The type of card you select must be based upon your unique requirements. Your allocated account representative will run you through an assessment to help us determine the appropriate type of smart card for your needs.

Card shielding

If you opt for contactless cards, you will receive the benefit of our unique card shielding technology. This technology prevents smart cards from unsolicited scanning. Card shielding also prevents ‘card clash’ and accidental payments.

About our clients

PSC Systems manufactures plastic smart cards for a wide range of clients. Our current and past clients operate in the health care, financial, hotel, public, consumer and retail sectors. Our clients require smart cards that are aesthetically pleasing, with a design that reflects their overall brand identity. If you also wish for a highly customised smart card design, contact PSC Systems today on 0151 346 1640.

Contact PSC Systems today

For a free consultation and no strings quote, contact PSC Systems today on 0151 346 1640. All of our work carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This ensures your plastic smart cards are not considered ‘finished’ until you say so. We sincerely look forward to your call.