Housing Associations Print and Mailing

PSC Systems offers housing associations a range of packages aiming to save you time and money when it comes to your printing and mailing obligations. Housing association must deal with an abundance of printing and mailings due to the nature of their businesses.

It’s likely you manage thousands of homes, and this usually means you must send out a lot of mailings to inform your tenants of various activities. This typically includes rent statements, debt management and repairs/renovations.

Such tasks invariably cost housing associations many thousands of pounds in order to fulfil. Thankfully, PSC Systems is on hand to ensure all of your mailings are sent out on time and cost effectively.

Quarterly/annual statement mailings

Housing associations are known to send out their tenants a ‘quarterly’ and ‘annual statement.’ This can be a costly and arduous process for most housing associations with limited resources. Many housing associations needlessly pay over the odds for this work, and often these statements are not sent within the agreed timescale. To avoid these high costs and delays, contact PSC Systems today on 0151 346 1640 and take advantage of our offerings.

Saving you money

At PSC Systems, we offer housing associations a print and mailing package that’s highly affordable and highly reliable. We can fulfil on even the most complicated jobs requiring advanced mail merging with multiple different systems. We have invested in modern template and mail-merge systems that allow us to achieve complicated mailings with minimal cost and effort.

Data security and integrity

At PSC Systems, we take data security and integrity very seriously indeed. We treat your data with the maximum amount of care. All work we carry out on your behalf is conducted at an APACS approved and ISO27001 accredited facility. This ensures all mailings are deal with the highest standards of security possible.

Contact us today

To ensure mailings are sent out on time and cost effectively, contact PSC Systems today on 0151 346 1640. The service we offer is designed to fulfil on complex mailings in a highly secure and efficient manner. We look forward to working with you.

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