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Creative direct mail marketing techniques!

Direct mail marketing has and will continue to take over the industry. From attracting targeted audiences to providing a significant return on investment, there are many benefits boosting the attractiveness of implementing a direct mail marketing campaign, alongside other marketing efforts.

Here at PSC Systems, we specialise in direct mail campaigns, supporting many marketing managers with a cost-effective strategy to engage with current followings, while attracting new potential customers. Check out our direct mail marketing services below, along with the benefits of working with our expert team today. We have the experience of working with many small to medium businesses, helping them achieve their marketing and sales KPIs.


Direct Mail Marketing Services

By selecting to work with our team here at PSC Systems, you will benefit from a full range of direct mail services. From brainstorming initial fresh ideas, to tying in marketing messages to reflect your other channels, we can build a successful direct mail marketing campaign for your business.

This will be achieved through personalised designs and content to help circulate your brand message, while grabbing the attention of audiences. We understand how difficult standing out in a saturated market can be. However, with an emotive, engaging piece of marketing material, entering the home of your target market, potential conversion can increase significantly. Although direct mail content is usually delivered in a paper format, a pointer to remember is that many engaging features can be added. From QR codes, to VR links, your offering can be virtualised while using the latest technology; helping to boost engagement all-round – benefiting both your physical and online platforms.

We usually work with flyers, catalogues and sales letters, helping clients communicate their offers in a creative, effective format. By utilising current mailing lists and contacts, circulating tangible content is commonly known to increase recall, along with improving response rates. Make the most of the personalised direct mail services we offer, serving as ideal marketing material for businesses like yours.


Why Direct Mail Marketing?

In a world of digital communication, we are sure you’re wondering why direct mail marketing is a popular choice? Well in fact, there are many benefits linked to physical marketing material.

Now of course, email marketing takes lead for the highest return on investment strategy. However, with many interruptions online such as constant notifications and calls to action, direct printed messages have no distractions. They serve their purposes transparently, while requiring 21% less cognitive effort for processing information. Additionally, as more and more companies jump on the email marketing bandwagon, inboxes are filling up with similar messages, soon turning into spam. Imagine all the time and work placed into content, with its final location entering the ignored pile. In addition, do you find that engagement, leading to a high response rate occurs while online? With an over saturated display, viewing online content can be overwhelming, reducing high-value engagement. Direct mail marketing promotes focus, backed by research to influence responses.

A further benefit of using direct mail marketing is its advantage of being preferred by target markets. Market research suggests how audiences favour the personalisation of direct content for their relatability. They prefer holding physical content which connects with them.

Talking of connections, attempting to only push an online marketing strategy will reduce your connection. Imagine all of the individuals you are failing to target who avoid heavy use of online platforms. Not to mention the competitive arena of the online world, where every company attempts to create unique content to stand out virally. This is a great strategy, however, merging this with practical, effective physical solutions, such as direct mail marketing will boost reach.

Alongside their resonating effects, direct mailings services serve as great marketing tools when considering conversions. From greater recall, to a high response rate through visiting online or physical stores, direct, targeted content, done cleverly can improve custom. Businesses will usually receive on average £3.22 of a return from an initial £1 investment into direct mail marketing – Imagine how this will benefit your businesses pockets?

If you would like to benefit from attracting, engaging with and converting your audience, merge direct mail content within your marketing strategy, just like the likes of Google!


Why Collaborate with PSC?

If you’re looking to incorporate direct mail marketing into your communications, consider our team here at PSC Systems. We specialise in unique direct mail services, with our client’s requirements and budget in mind.

Our first step will be understanding your needs as a business. From here, unique ideas can be thought up to create your initial message. An understanding of your offering, your target markets pain points, and solutions to overcome those pain points will be gauged.

Next is where the creativity comes into direct mail marketing. Here’s what will grab your audience’s attention as your mailer, brand and message falls through their letter box. Our specialised team will work with you to create customisable designs and features to reflect your image, while utilising the latest technologies. We believe that the first impression you make will influence long-term likelihood of action. Therefore, lets achieve a stand our impression from the offset through collaboration.

From here, our eyes will observe content as an outsider, ensuring that your direct mail format is unique and engaging. Although a design may look attractive, ensuring that its purpose can be served is a high priority here at PSC Systems. In today’s market, customer experience plays a significant part in the decision process. Our direct mail techniques will ensure that the experience you set out will be followed, motivating the next steps in the engagement funnel.

If you’re searching for an alternative marketing strategy, or believe in the benefits linked to physical content, get in touch with our team today. We can cater to your needs, whether that be a one-off mailer, to a fully integrated direct mail marketing funnel.

Utilising one of the longest standing and continued marketing techniques to improve your overall business statistics. Our specialities merged with your mission can break through the online noise. Call us today on 0151 668 0764 to start the process.

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