Costa Coffee Loyalty Cards

A nationwide plastic loyalty card campaign for an international leader in the coffee industry.

Client Overview

Founded in London in 1971, Costa Coffee has grown into massive brand. With over 2,000 coffee shops in the UK and over 18 thousand employees worldwide, Costa Coffee is the second largest coffeehouse chain in the world. Costa Coffee’s head office is based in Dunstable with the manufacturing of the coffee taking place at their roastery in Basildon, Essex.

Plastic Loyalty Cards

PSC Systems offered to manufacturer and print membership/loyalty cards for their Coffee Club membership. This included a plastic card designed to specification which was to be attached to a plastic card carrier. More Details

How We Helped

Our match and attach service meant that attaching the plastic cards to their carriers was quick and efficient and helped to achieve a quick turnaround.
A magnetic stripe was added so data can be held onto the card along with a unique card number that was randomly generated which had an opaque covering that can be scratched off to reveal the number.
The efficiency we showed in producing such a large quantity of cards showed that no matter how large the client we are still able to provide a quick turnaround while still producing a high standard of quality.
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