Hob Salons

Plastic Gift Cards for one of the leading salon franchises in the UK

Client Overview

The hair and beauty industry is a massive market in the UK, generating £7.5 billion for the economy in 2016. Established over 30 years ago, Hob Salons has gone on to become one of the leading salon franchises with locations throughout the UK.

Plastic Gift Cards

PSC Systems were tasked with creating plastic gift cards that would be placed inside salons throughout the UK. The plastic gift cards were deemed to be competitively priced whilst still maintaining a high quality finish which is expected by a well-known company such as Hob Salons. More Details

How PSC Systems Helped

The project involved the creation of plastic gift cards with unique barcodes.
Due to the size of the market, we were tasked with creating a very large batch of cards whilst still meeting the clients demands of a speedy turnaround.
Using the latest in printing and plastic card manufacturing technology and techniques we were able to exceed clients demands and produce a high standard finish before the agreed deadline.
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