Hotel Chocolat

We produce personalised packs to members of the UK's luxury chocolatier and cocoa grower.

Client Overview

Hotel Chocolat is a leading British chocolatier and cocoa grower, with over seventy shops in the United Kingdom. In their stores you will be able to discover award-winning chocolates and luxury gifts for any occasion. The cocoa grower are an extremely ethical business whom we are proud to be working with.

Full Print & Mailing Solutions

PSC Systems offer Hotel Chocolat a specialist print and mailing solution – which saves them both time and money. More Details

How We Helped

Plastic loyalty cards are printed and matched with a unique barcode, allowing members to use them both online and in-store with ease.
Our process saves the client time and money. No more manually packing boxes and having to use different companies to print different materials.
We send membership cards, forms, vouchers and certificates – all personalised in a high-quality box – and sent direct to the member from our warehouse.
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